Monday, October 6, 2008

THE DOORS - Love Me Two Times / Moonlight Drive - Elektra - 1967

I can't honestly say that I'm a very big fan of the Doors. I think Jim Morrison was kind of a phony douchebag, and musically the band didn't do a whole lot for me. Granted, there's a few songs here and there that I really enjoy (People Are Strange, and End of the Night are both pretty rad,) but as a whole it's not my thing.

However, My pal Cory was visiting me here in the city a while ago and turned me on to the fact that the Doors 45's, specifically this one, are hilarious and amazing when played at 33rpm. This song, that I typically wouldn't miss if I never heard it again, is pure genius in this capacity. Morrison sounds the best he ever will with a super-dropped pitch, in ultra slow motion, sounding like a drunken bear who's been huffing glue for the past several hours. It's really quite amazing, the transformation that occurs with a simple flip of a switch. And this little trick kept us entertained for quite some time. After listening to this song several times in a row (honestly worth it alone just for Jim's retarded howl before the big gay solo.) we played around with other 45's to see what else sounds better in slo-mo.

For the record: The Doors should never be listened to on 45 (because it sucks) and Arthur Brown 45's, as killer as they are normally, were MEANT to be played at 33. That shit is terrifying.

Try it on..