Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WANDA JACKSON - Right Or Wrong / Funnel Of Love - Capital 4553 - 1961

Wanda is a living legend. I saw her live a few years ago and even though she's old as dirt, I thought she sounded as good as ever. I was completely wasted. I'm not sure how closely those two details are related..

Anyway, try to not like 'Funnel of Love.' I believe it may be impossible, unless you have shit for taste.

Wanda Jackson - Right or Wrong

Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love

Monday, April 27, 2009

MARIANNE FAITHFUL - This Little Bird / Morning Sun - London - 1965

Marianne's marriage to Mick Jagger seems to overshadow the fact that she released a few wonderful records in the mid 60's. It's a bit of a shame.

Here's a great single; a personal favorite. Two sad, beautiful songs by a woman very much the same. Marianne was kind of a mess for a while there, huh?

Separately, but related, Marianne is responsible for one of the few Beatles covers that sounds better than the original. The song is "I'm A Loser" and was released on her 1965 self titled LP.

(This is a re-post with files added.)

Marianne Faithful - This Little Bird

Marianne Faithful - Morning Sun

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

THE CHIFFONS - Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me) / The Real Thing - Laurie-3301 - 1965

This is certainly one of my favorite 45's that I own. Both sides are right on.

'Nobody Knows' was written, and possibly produced, by Brute Force, the genius behind 'What A Lonely Way To Start The Summertime' by The Bitter Sweets. Again, he created a very catchy, girl group friendly song with darker overtones and amazing, vaguely psychedelic, wall-of-sound-esque production. The combination of girl groups with heavy reverb seems to be largely fail-proof.

'The Real Thing' is another great song, this one is a lot more soul based than the top side. Just about perfect songwriting here. Be warned: this one will stay with you for a bit.

There's a later press of this record that includes 'Did You Ever Go Steady' instead of 'The Real Thing.' This, the first pressing, is the one to find (especially since 'Did You Ever Go Steady' was also included as the B-side to their later single 'Sweet Talkin' Guy.')

Incredibly, I found this one in a 33 cent bin...

The Chiffons - Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)

The Chiffons - The Real Thing

Saturday, April 11, 2009

COUNT FIVE - Peace Of Mind / The Morning After - Double Shot 106 - 1966

This is Count Five's chart-flopping followup to Psychotic Reaction. Honestly, it's not nearly as good, but it's an interesting single, in a way.

Peace of Mind isn't the best song ever, but it's got some really good psych freakout-ish instrumental breaks which are clearly the highlight of this record. The only bits of this song that I don't like much are the verses. Vocally, this track is pretty lackluster.

The Morning After, as a whole, is a pretty misguided, pointless song. The only thing of remote interest on this track is so burired in the mix that you really have to be listening for it to catch it. During the instrumental breaks there are some funny little psych noise effects that I like. Too bad they're barely audible..

Both of these tracks were included on the Psychotic Reaction LP.

Count Five - Peace Of Mind

Count Five - The Morning After

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Format Disclaimer:
I've decided to start including mp3's with all of my posts now. These will be direct recordings from the vinyl, and I won't do any post-production on them. That means that if there's some background noise on my record, that's what you get. Don't complain. Also, I may only post one side if I don't feel the flip side is worth the time/space/bandwidth.

At the moment I have my divshare account set with downloads enabled, but that may very well change. I really hate the idea of serial downloading, so if that seems to be happening I'll change it to streaming only. I'm not here to bulk up anyone's silly mp3 collection.

That being said, I think this format will do much better justice to the music, as I'm sure my opinion, and general lack of writing skills, typically leaves a lot to be desired.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

KOKO TAYLOR - Fire / Insane Asylum - Checker-1191 - 1968

Both sides of this single were written by Willie Dixon, he is featured on both tracks (more prominently on Insane Asylum,) and they are both unbelievably good.

At the time that I bought this this single Insane Asylum was the only Koko song I was familiar with, so I knew she was a very powerful soul singer, but it didn't prepare me for the flip side. Fire is a real mover, and Koko is belting it out like you wouldn't believe. This is heavy, commanding soul music.

This 45 wasn't the easiest thing to find but was well worth it in the end. Enjoy.

Koko Taylor - Fire

Koko Taylor - Insane Asylum