Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LOVE - Alone Again Or / A House Is Not A Motel - Elektra-45629 - 1967

I flew back to Rochester a few weeks ago for a super quick visit (just long enough to justify the cost of the flights..) and it was pretty awful. I kept thinking 'how could this shithole manage to get worse?' but it certainly did. Tyler chauffeured me to an old haunt to see some of the people that used to alternately entertain and irritate me, but they all died I guess. Oh well.

Later we ended up somewhere else, drinking whiskey (and Tyler a Coke most likely. [or was it Milk..? Who can remember?]) out of a bottle shaped like a horse head. Some girl nearby was making some comment about hating love, she looked angsty and punk enough to mean the human emotion, but it turns out she meant Arthur Lee's Love. What a retard.

I ended up at Tyler's, drunk, trying to make Leah jealous because now there's only one degree of separation between me and Vincent Gallo's dick.

LOVE - Alone Again Or

LOVE - A House Is Not A Motel

Monday, December 14, 2009

THE TOYS - May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone / On Backstreet - DynoVoice-218 - 1966

"May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone" was included in the incredible "One Kiss Can Lead To Another" girl groups box set and to me was one of the initial stand out tracks. I believe this is their last single for DynoVoice, and seems like the toughest to find. It took me a while to find a remotely clean copy.

Turns out the B side is pretty great too.

THE TOYS - May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone:

THE TOYS - On Backstreet: