Monday, September 8, 2008

((( CRASH #1 )))
Hosted By Psychedelic Elvis

It's been a while since I posted some actual music, so
here's a new mix of free tunes. I kept it a bit shorter this time, and a bit more focused (by my own standards.) There's a bit of an underlying theme here...

Hey, if you download this and dig it (or hate it,) return the favor by leaving a comment. I just wanna know if anyone actually grabs these or if I'm wasting a lot of time creating and posting them for no one.

::: Crash #1 :::
1. Link Wray - Hidden Charms
2. The Fanatics - Woman
3. The Electric Prunes - Get me to the World on Time
4. Bobby Freeman - Big Fat Woman
5. The Zombies - Tell Her No
6. The Rolling Stones - Dandelion
7. Arthur Brown - I Put A Spell On You
8. Shadows of Knight - Bad Little Woman
9. The Pretty Things - Honey, I Need
10. Mitch Ryder - I'd Rather Go To Jail
11. The Nightcrawlers - You're Running Wild
12. The Music Machine - The People In Me
13. Gary U.S. Bonds - New Orleans
14. The Kinks - I Gotta Move




Expo67 said...

Fantastic cover of a 'psychedelic' Twiggy

mi said...

i like this blog.

having a party focused around listening to old records could be a very good thing.

Rory said...

love this.

kyle. said...

screw you and your woman 45. i used to have that shit. i used to play that shit. and i used to imagine what face was being made by neil ford during the hilarious triple-pre-guitar-solo-scream. it's gotta look something like the cover of "introducing the beau brummels"....or me about 47 minutes after eating taco john's.

A.Gilmore said...

Thank you Sir.

Anonymous said...

Downloaded and loved.