Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Clique - Stay By Me / Splash 1

Here's what I've come to realize; there is no upside to being a nerdy record collector. You're forever doomed to be a useless, pathetic, no-friends-having loser, until the day you die, or realize the errors of your ways. Honestly; who gives a flying fuck if I own this record (that I've been pining over for a few years now?) NOBODY. So why did I spend so much money on it??? Because I'm a useless, pathetic, no-friends-having loser with a serious problem. The truth has been told, finally. The saddest part is that I realize exactly how pathetic I am for this kind of weakness, and I still continue to pay ungodly amounts of money (that I don't have) to buy this stupid shit.

Anyway, I had a really well thought out review for this record planned, but then I thought about how much I hate myself for being 100% retarded, so fuck the full review. In spite of my mongoloid-self, I give this record a 10 out of 10 star rating.

Seriously, spend a whole shitload of money to buy this. Then swallow a handful of broken glass & rid the world of one less waste of flesh. I suck at life, for real. This record is proof.

With disdainful love,
Psychedelic Elvis.

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YOUNG LIL said...

You got problems. But not about this record. As a record digger bastard with no father to his style I blindly acquired this 45 at an estate sale in Houston. I don't know what it is, but something about this song is ill as fuck. Something about the way dude sings "mah'self" in the chorus. I stumbled on this because you popped up when I searched the record, in an attempt to learn more of this gem's origins and then seek more to see if anything else they did is nearly as good as this banger. And also because 4 bars in mine skips. Don't outbid me bitch. the zeal is mutual.

-The Champion