Thursday, May 29, 2008

? AND THE MYSTERIANS - Can't Get Enough of You, Baby / Smokes - Cameo - 1967

Remember that shitty band Smash Mouth? They had a string of really regrettable, embarrassing hits in the late 90's? Basically summing up exactly what is wrong and fucked up about modern music? Yea, I hated that shit too. Sadly, those spazwits and ? picked the same Toys song to cover, and worse, I can't for the life of me sit through the Mysterians version because of it.

Or maybe it's just because ?'s version isn't exactly that great anyway. The organ line is basically recycled from "96 Tears," ? sounds terribly un-enthused, and overall it's quite boring. Sorry.

"Smokes" is pretty cool though. I get a kick out of ?'s creative use of language ('Hey, what your face looks like?') and the subject matter is funny in a real superficial way ("I don't know what your face looks like, I don't know how it looks in the light... I don't care if you're blue or red, I'll take you anytime, anywhere, in the night."). Although there's nothing that really stands out about this side compared to their other tunes, it's still great song, as only ? and the Mysterians could really pull off, and a cool addition to the collection.

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