Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BLUES MAGOOS - One By One / Dante's Inferno - Mercury - 1967

This record's B-side is really the most noteworthy thing about it. More B-sides should be treated like this. I guess the standard practice was to pick the hit for the A-side, then stick a boring, pales-in-comparison track on the flip side and I guess that's the most functional approach if your main objective is to sell a song, but where's the fun in that? Blues Magoos got something right when they stuck 'Dante's Inferno' on the flip of 'One by One.' This isn't even a song. No melody, no harmony, no structure of any kind. Just noise, effects and yelling. Right on. Why waste a side of vinyl on something so boring when you could release something completely retarded and amazing? Kudos, Blues Magoos. This single is right on.


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