Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FRANKIE FORD - Sea Cruise / Roberta - Ace-554 - 1959

'Sea Cruise' was a big hit for Frankie Ford. Interestingly, the track was written by Huey 'Piano' Smith and originally sung by Bobby Marchan, the cross-dressing soul singer best known for singing 'Don't You Just Know It,' although Marchan's vocal was later replaced by Frankie Ford's using Smith's original instrumental track. This was the only time Frankie's name made it onto the charts.

'Roberta,' in my opinion, is the better of the two tracks though. This one was also written and played by Smith, though I'm not sure if Marchan's vocals were recorded and stripped from this track as well. I'm convinced that I've heard this song on some film's soundtrack (possibly a John Waters film?) but after some searching I still can't place it. Does anyone know for sure where else this song might have ended up? It's been bugging me since I bought this record.

Here ya go...

Frankie Ford - Sea Cruise

Frankie Ford - Roberta


lost cargo said...
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Jimmy Higgins said...

To say nothing of the lyrical magnificence of Roberta (originally Loberta, I seem to recall):

Pawned my pistol, pawned my watch and chain,
Pawned my pistol, pawned my watch and chain,
I'd'a pawned Roberta, but Roberta can"t sign her name.

Anonymous said...

Roberta is on one of the Animals''s the only version i'd ever heard until now..thanks..

Anonymous said...

'Roberta' was originally 'Loberta' by Smith with Marchan on vocals. I wonder how Bobby felt about the two songs being, um, reassigned to another singer?

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