Friday, April 10, 2009

New Format Disclaimer:
I've decided to start including mp3's with all of my posts now. These will be direct recordings from the vinyl, and I won't do any post-production on them. That means that if there's some background noise on my record, that's what you get. Don't complain. Also, I may only post one side if I don't feel the flip side is worth the time/space/bandwidth.

At the moment I have my divshare account set with downloads enabled, but that may very well change. I really hate the idea of serial downloading, so if that seems to be happening I'll change it to streaming only. I'm not here to bulk up anyone's silly mp3 collection.

That being said, I think this format will do much better justice to the music, as I'm sure my opinion, and general lack of writing skills, typically leaves a lot to be desired.


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