Saturday, April 11, 2009

COUNT FIVE - Peace Of Mind / The Morning After - Double Shot 106 - 1966

This is Count Five's chart-flopping followup to Psychotic Reaction. Honestly, it's not nearly as good, but it's an interesting single, in a way.

Peace of Mind isn't the best song ever, but it's got some really good psych freakout-ish instrumental breaks which are clearly the highlight of this record. The only bits of this song that I don't like much are the verses. Vocally, this track is pretty lackluster.

The Morning After, as a whole, is a pretty misguided, pointless song. The only thing of remote interest on this track is so burired in the mix that you really have to be listening for it to catch it. During the instrumental breaks there are some funny little psych noise effects that I like. Too bad they're barely audible..

Both of these tracks were included on the Psychotic Reaction LP.

Count Five - Peace Of Mind

Count Five - The Morning After

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